There is no doubt the Internet is getting a more and more important role in all our lives, regardless of which area we work. The net is an endless source of business information, but search and organizing of really useful data, the visualization of the company’s new product on the web, or the presentation of the company’s activity used to be a task which required an IT specialist. All this was almost unreachable for a fresh small business, although starting a new business without a web presence is becoming less and less imaginable.

Only a few know that today the Internet offers a rich variety of free and easily learnable software (Web 2.0 tools), regardless of whether we talk about the company’s daily business and management tasks, the advertising of products and services, the company’s inner and outer communication possibilities or about building national or international business relationships.

There are so many Web 2.0 tools available to anyone allowing you to create a website in no time without any IT knowledge. Furthermore it can be endowed with many features depending on the target audience. Many don’t use these tools, as they don’t know about them. The “how?” can be really answered in a few hours? Yes!

On this website visitors may find more and more quickly reviewable, easy understandable descriptions and video tutorials about free applications. The intention of the authors is to provide the overwhelmed and always rushing employees and owners of small businesses a quick, targeted and especially practical knowledge to help the company with free IT solutions with the daily business tasks.

The uploaded and continuously expanding content is free for everyone. Soon a short, but intensive web-based course opportunity will be offered for those who don’t like to read the learning materials themselves or try the tools alone. Those who want to quicken the knowledge acquisition process may get help from those who create the content. The first course is going to start soon.

The basic idea of lunching the portal is the development of content for small businesses, which is part of the European Union SME 2.0 Leonardo project, in which educational institutions and small businesses from Ireland, England and Hungary are involved. The project’s website: