How to use Netvibes track of everything that’s going on can be a challenge — especially with social media which moves at the speed of light.

How to use Google Reader

Go to the Google Reader web site and if you don't have an account, and you will be asked to create one. It is free and very simple to create.

Once you have an account and you log in, click on "Your Subscriptions"

Click "Add a Feed" to add a feed you already know.

RSS technology

What is RSS?

The Internet today contains a wealth of information. Avid Internet users visit many interesting websites and read many articles. Information and web pages make their way in to the favorite folder for later viewing. Over the course of time, re-visiting these bookmarks becomes a major task for users especially as the number of bookmarks grows. A better technique for users is to automatically receive information about updates to their favorite websites.

RSS Channels

If you frequent Weblogs, you've seen the little XML icons inviting you to "syndicate this site", but what does that really mean? A long time ago, newspaper managers realized that if they could use articles and stories from other newspapers in their paper, they could garner more readers because they could cover a wider area than they could with just their own reporters. This is an example of how syndication can work in print.

Netvibes - személyes weblap (hírgyűjtő) szerkesztése

A Netvibes alkalmazás használatával RSS-híreket olvashatunk, rendszerezhetjük, kategorizálhatjuk azokat; másrészt a hírolvasót kiegészítő „widgetek”, „minialkalmazások”  használatával egy személyes webes kezdőlap összeállítására is lehetőségünk nyílik.

A gyakorlatban érdemes a Netvibes használatának két különböző módját megkülönböztetni:

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