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Open Google Drive on your web browser at http://drive.google.com. On the left-hand menu, click on the last link, "Download Google Drive."


Once you have installed Google Drive for PC, you will be presented with a short walkthrough of Google Drive's features.


On the second screen, you have the option to alter your sync settings by clicking on "Advanced Setup."


Pay attention to the location of your Google Drive folder. Everything placed in that folder will be synced to your Google account on the cloud, so that they can be accessible on other Drive-supported devices. If you'd like to change the location of this folder, press "Change...".

If you only want to sync certain folders to your Google account, select those in the "Sync options" box. You will be able to change these later as you create new folders. Note that files not in a folder will always sync.


Open your Google Drive folder. You can do this by going to Start >> All Programs >> Google Drive, or finding the location of your Google Drive folder and double-clicking it.

Google Drive shortcuts

Google Drive shortcuts

To upload any file to Google Drive, just copy the file and paste it into the Google Drive folder.

Google Drive will automatically sync the file to Google's servers, so you can access that file from any Internet-enabled device logged into your Google account.

If there is a tick mark in the icon of the folder or the file that you are uploading, it means that the file has been successfully uploaded. If not, either the file is still getting uploaded or the upload failed.



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