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Sharing via URL

Create a Google Calendar by clicking on the arrow next to "My Calendar" and choosing "Create new calendar." Skip this step if you already have a calendar and have determined its privacy setting.


Enter a name/description that reflects the content of your calendar, and check the "Make this calendar public" box if you'd like everyone to be able to find your calendar.


Sharing your Google calendar publicly means that any Internet user can see your calendar and that your calendar entries could start appearing in Google search results.

Privately showing your calendar means that you'll be able to share a specific URL with your friends that only you and your friends will know. Otherwise, your calendar will not be viewable or indexed by anyone who doesn't have this URL.

On your Google Calendar homepage, click on the arrow to the right of the calendar you want to share. Select "Calendar settings."


If your calendar is private, scroll down to the "Private Address" section. Click on the button that corresponds with your desired format.

XML allows the calendar to be accessed from other applications and can be copied into any feed reader. The ICAL URL can be used in any application that supports the iCal format.


Copy and paste the URL that pops up in the next screen and give it to anyone whom you'd like to share the calendar with. Press OK once you have copied the URL to your clipboard.


If your calendar is public, scroll down to the "Calendar Address" section. Choose the type of URL that you want to use to share it -- if you're unsure, select the blue HTML button. That can be shared with anyone on the Internet and viewed through a web browser.


Copy and paste the URL that pops up in the next screen and give it to anyone whom you'd like to share the calendar with. Press OK once you have copied the URL to your clipboard.


Sharing via Invitations

Google also allows you to invite people to see information on your calendars. To do this, click on the arrow to the right of your calendar and select "Share this Calendar."


Under "Share with specific people," type in the email address of the individuals or email lists whom you'd like to share with. Decide how much control you'd like each person to have over your calendar, then click "Add Person." You must click "Save" at the bottom of the page before your changes will take effect.


The people you have invited will now appear under your email address. They will also receive an email notification about your Google calendar. The calendar will automatically be added to their Google Calendar account for viewing/managing, and there's also a link in the email for direct access.


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