1. Week - Internet search

In the last couple of years sharing of content on the Internet has so dramatically increased, that confusing amount of information gets published to the Internet every day. Regarding to an info-graphics published in 2012 more then 820 000 websites are created every day and Internet users share 684 000 contents with each other every minute only trough Facebook. With the rapidly increasing content it is more and more important for us to find the really important information.

In the first week we are going to learn powerful Internet search.

2. Week - RSS Channels

Gathering information and surfing the websites the regular way takes endless time. One of the most important innovations is the RSS technology, which reserves the access to the content. There is no need to browse the websites; you don’t have to search for news, as the news will be delivered right to us. When reading RSS channels a notification will be sent of the newest published contents. This can save us time and it says: „time is money”.

In the second week we will discover the RSS technology and get used with the RSS readers and the display of the content available through RSS channels.

3. Week - Personalized Homepages

Beyond the RSS channels web 2.0 offers additional opportunities like creating personalized homepages, which is a webpage optimized for our needs. The core function of the personalized homepages is the RSS reader function, but in addition is contains countless tiny tools to make the everyday work, information gathering or entertainment even more comfortable. The personalized homepages can be customized in various ways for our needs.

On the third week we will discover how to display RSS in an eye-catching way and how to use and customize personalized homepages.

4. Week - Share documents and edit them online

Thanks to the so called “could-based” services, now there are many web tools available, which let us create, edit, store and share documents online. Furthermore there are functions included like collaboration, which means a whole group can see and edit a document at the same time. The web storage allows us to access our files from anywhere (in order we have an Internet connection), and not even an editor has to be installed to do all this. This may be a very effective and time saving alternative for sending e-mails with various attachments.

On the fourth week we learn how to create and store various contents online. We also discuss how to share it quickly and how to collaborate with others on the same document.

5. Week - Online calendar

Time management, the daily tasks, scheduling of activities have a big importance in every business. There is no need to get overcomplicated time management software in order to manage our available time. This is much more a question of decision and a little attention. In web 2.0 there are tool for this as well, online calendars, which are easy to use and very practical for time management.

On the fifth week we discover the web-based time management tools and the functions of online calendars!